BattleBoard 093

Vintage, Marx Giant Blue & Gray Demonstrator Board

BattleBoard 093: 60" X 30"

My customer contacted me about doing a BattleBoard based on a demonstrator board he had seen at a deparment store when he was a kid. He wasn't sure which board it was.
I contacted George Kroll, who has many original Marx demonstrator boards in his collection. George kindly emailed me photos of each board he had, which I forwarded on
to my customer. Low and behold the Giant Blue & Gray demonstrator board was the one he remembered! I've wanted to do a BattleBoard based on a demonstrator board for
awhile now, and this was the perfect opportunity! I wanted the layout to be basically the same, but with the detail and texturing of a BattleBoard. You can compare the boards
above, and if you roll your cursor over the bottom photo, you'll see my Giant Blue & Gray (more or less) displayed on the finished board.

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