Welcome to BattleBoardsUSA.com!!

Hello! My name is Jim Clouse (I'm the one next to the green army man in the photo). Thanks for visiting my website. I'm the creator of BattleBoards, which I started in 2010, and I'm glad to say, even busier than I was five years ago!

I've been a collector (mostly of vintage Marx and Barzso Playsets) for many years, and have also participated in the hobby in a few other ways. I'm the "webmaster" for Playset Magazine, Barzso Playsets, Minutemen Toy Soldiers, and Rick Eber's Marxplaysets. Since 2005 I've also been sculpting Barzso's foam pieces, such as castles, forts, buildings, etc. And since Jan. 1 2001, I've been writing the Plastic Parade column in Toy Soldier & Model Figure magazine.

As a collector and annual attendee to the Chicago Toy Soldier Show, I have long admired the diorama displays created for the metal side of the toy soldier hobby. These dioramas tend to be very detailed in order to blend well with the highly detailed and painted figures and vehicles. I felt like a similar approach for Marx Playsets and other plastic figure displays would be too much and wouldn't necessarily show off our collections in the best possible way. Of course, there is the old Marx Demonstrator boards, used to display a playset a retail store like Sears. While these are great, creating boards in a similar style seemed to be a little too simplistic.

I felt there was a need in the marketplace which would combine both worlds, out of which BattleBoards was born. BattleBoards has has been enthusiastically received in the hobby and there has been a lot of "crossover success" as several of my customers have ordered BattleBoards for the display of their metal figures and vehicles. The overriding intent of BattleBoards is to have an environment that displays your playsets and collections in the best possible light, so the emphasis is on them and not the terrain the're are displayed on.

Again, welcome to my website and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Best Regards,

Jim Clouse

battleboardsusa@gmail.com     1-815-245-9796